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    車秀網Excellent VIP Sales 奢享會圓滿收官(汽車營銷培訓課程)

    - 標簽:汽車營銷培訓課程, -編輯: Queenie -





    車秀網Excellent VIP Sales 奢享會圓滿收官(汽車營銷培訓課程)
    車秀網Excellent VIP Sales 奢享會圓滿收官(汽車營銷培訓課程)



    閑聊全過程也可以發覺客戶要求嗎?別不相信,銷售精英品哥便是那么做的。某一天,一對夫妻趕到展覽廳,老婆滿懷杯孕,品哥招待她們,在閑聊全過程中,品哥聽見這對夫妻提及汽車味道一事,因此品哥抓牢味道的點,在以后閑聊的全過程中,品哥確定客戶確定這一點,因此 一直在跟客戶詳細介紹并注重汽車的材料,及其詳細介紹哪種汽車無色無味的優點,讓這對夫婦明確并相信這新款車的優點且徹底達到她們的要求。最終,這對夫妻在品哥的協助下選購了這個車。

    車秀網Excellent VIP Sales 奢享會圓滿收官(汽車營銷培訓課程)





    此次“車秀網Excellent VIP Sales 奢享會”在深厚的學習氣氛下獲得圓滿收官,下面大家有第二次,有三次…

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    車秀網Excellent VIP Sales 奢享會圓滿收官(汽車營銷培訓課程)Since, China's new energy bus sales market has gradually entered a period of rapid growth. During this period, the sales volume and growth rate of new energy buses have increased significantly, the annual price has increased by tens of millions, the sales volume of cars across the country has reached million, and the annual total sales volume has reached million. Tens of millions of people in China are ready to enter the period of living with cars, which represents the fierce competition of professionals in the automotive field The regulations on excellent talents in the sales market are becoming higher and higher. Automobile companies have become more and more difficult to find qualified excellent talents. The authoritative department predicts and analyzes that the vacancy of automobile excellent talents will reach million in the next three years. Automobile excellent talents have become the most urgent and important resource to maintain the rapid physical and mental health development trend in the automobile field. Ten companies are competing for excellent automobile talents fiercely For this situation, chexiu.com, as an excellent automobile comprehensive service platform, has effectively created the first centralized learning and training place for the technical specialty of automobile sales consultants. It is chexiu.com to train the big sales skills of dry goods automobile sales consultants. In this luxury meeting, we will popularize the network marketing knowledge of sales consultants, broaden our horizons and share the practical work for practical problems Make experience and invite excellent sales consultants to share resources. According to the practical experience of luxury sharing, the first luxury sharing meeting of chexiu.com, a sales consultant with interesting and fun technical expertise and strong comprehensive ability in the update period, was successfully held on June. This luxury sharing meeting not only included the hosts of chexiu.com's technical professional programs to share professional knowledge, but also carried out in-depth cooperation among dry goods knowledge consultants The atmosphere of communication and discussion is very harmonious. Let's taste the atmosphere of the day together. The sales consultant can share and understand the product knowledge, explore the customer's requirements, analyze the customer's requirements with special tools, know the enemy and confidant, and win every battle. If you want to explore the customer's requirements, you need to analyze the customer's portrait first. As shown in the following figure, the car show customer's portrait presented by car show.com can fully analyze the customer's personal preferences with special tools And the ability to buy a car can quickly understand whether the customer pays attention to special offers, whether it is necessary to borrow money, what is good for the car, but it can also save the cost of communication with the customer and pull in the distance with the customer. Chexiu.com trains dry truck sales consultants big sales skills. Chexiu.com trains dry truck sales consultants big sales skills. A Cong, a sales elite, was deeply touched by this point. In the whole process of his invitation According to the analysis of customers, it can quickly create a relationship with customers, improve mutual trust, greatly improve the rate of going to the store, train dry truck sales consultants, big sales skills, sales elite a Cong sharing 2. Discover customer requirements according to gossip. Can you also feel customer requirements during the whole process of chatting? Don't believe that sales elite pinge did that. One day, a couple arrived The wife of the exhibition hall entertained them with a cup of pregnant brother pinge. During the whole process of chatting, brother pinge heard the couple mention the smell of the car, so brother pinge grasped the point of taste. In the whole process of chatting later, brother pinge determined that the customer determined this point. Therefore, he has been introducing and noting the materials of the heavy truck and the advantages of which car is colorless and tasteless in detail to the customer, which makes the couple clear and believe The advantages of the new car completely meet their requirements. Finally, the couple bought the car with the help of pinge. The car show network trained dry goods car sales consultants, big sales skills and sales elites pinge shared. Therefore, we pay attention to the first step to do a good job in market sales, understand the goods, and closely combine the advantages of the goods with customer requirements to achieve success. Will we continue to build a technical specialty Brand image improvement professional skills I. create a technical professional brand image external brand image if you want to buy a car, the person you want to entertain you is wearing a well-dressed suit or like brother sharp? The customer's first impression is very key. He decides the mentality of chatting with customers behind him and whether to buy a car here. What is the essential brand image? What is the essential brand image sales elite micro I think the essential brand image is to be full of confidence all the time. Self-confidence is essential in both daily life and work. Sister Wei uses her self-confidence to infect many car buyers. She trains dry goods car sales consultants, big sales skills, sales elites and micro sisters to share two promotion professional skills. She not only wants to create a good brand image for customers, but also talks about topics of great interest to customers On this point, Dong Ge, the sales elite, ha


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