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    三星電視機的系統是什么系統,能下載第三方軟件嗎。 三星智能電視選用自主產品研發的實際操作系統(根據Linux),選用Samsung Apps(三星應用商城)職高為電視機產品研發的應用軟件,因此許多手機軟件全是量身定做,應用性和安全系數都很好。

    三星電視機的系統是什么系統,能下載第三方軟件嗎(三星電視破解安裝應用)英文對照如下:What is the system of Samsung TV? Can the system download third-party software? Samsung smart TV selects the actual operating system developed by independent products. According to the application software developed by Samsung application mall vocational high school for TV products, many mobile phone software are tailor-made, with good applicability and safety factor. What is the system of


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